Step Up Your Career Game Without Spending A Dime!

When I meet a new person and they ask what I do, they are oftentimes amazed at all the different hats I wear to bring to life my numerous creative projects. It may not come as a surprise but no university taught me the skills I use to write books, create art, or podcasts (more…)


How to Interview People — Tips and Best Practices

When I was in middle school, my mother, then a reporter for the #1 country music terrestrial radio station, got me into an advanced production program for budding television producers. I looked a lot older than my years at that age so even though I was by far the youngest in a group of about…


Maxximillian Dafoe on Educated Hustle Business Podcast

When Emilio and Paul asked me if I wanted to be a guest on the Educated Hustle podcast I was honored because I’d listened to the podcast before and found their guests unique. I remember the first episode I listened to, a guest on the show was talking about how to generate new ideas. (more…)


Daughter and the Snake (Bedtime Stories for the Intellectually Adventurous, Book 1)

June 20, 2017 0

In this short horror story, a daughter returns home to discover her mother has fallen prey to a dangerous predator she can't prove exists. Morality becomes a thing of the past as she endeavors to get along with an entity that kills to stay alive.  (more…)

Afterlife (Bedtime Stories for the Intellectually Adventurous, Book 2)

June 19, 2017 0

Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? So has Jimmy—and today he's going to find out. If you lived here, you'd be home by now… Come spend a day in the life after life. (more…)

Mollyville: Humble Beginnings (Mollyville series, Book 1)

June 19, 2017 0

"Everyone is on the edge of killing the stranger they just met or taking them home for a good time. This is romance on a speedball and Maxximillian conveys sexiness, urgency, and flippancy with deft precision."

Must-Reads for Fiction Writers

June 13, 2017 0

Ever since I began calling myself a writer, people have recommended that I read The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. I use the word ‘recommended’ here loosely as there have been a wide range of indignant attitudes evoked by my not having already read the book—on account of me being a writer—with…