Mollyville Modern Radio Drama—Dystopian Romance for the Expatriate Who Lives Within You

In an isolated valley nestled in a mountain range near the sea, Mollyville exists. Rich with cutting-edge technology and abundant in natural resources, Mollyville thrives as a self-policing, paradise community with beaches, cliffs, exotic forests and a system of unknowably vast subterranean caverns that extend beyond sight. Social media is a construct of the past. No emails. No smart phones. No telephones. It’s a whole new world separated from ours by distance, exclusion from world maps, and self-reliance. Mollyville is completely off-the-grid. “Nothing living shall go without love, companionship or care—not a snake, not a tree, not a house—not ever.” It is a covenant all residents have agreed to uphold on a Continue reading


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ARTPRIZE Nine Artist Jordyn Fishman unpacks her ArtPrize entry #65746 “Income Inequality, Imagine”

“Income Inequality, Imagine” is one of those pieces that you stand in front of and look at for a long time. I certainly did. It’s very large at 24 feet long, also there’s a lot of shit going on—it’s a scene—three scenes really. “Triptych” is the term she uses to describe the work. A triptych is a work of art divided into three sections.   Jordyn’s art tells a story… (and a cautionary tale) #ICYMI I had the pleasure to interview Jordyn (@jordyn_fishman) about her piece “Income Inequality, Imagine” for an episode of Maxximillian Presents: THEMATIC. I hope you’ll check it out. Are you an artist whose art is telling a Continue reading


Eric: Is it the magic of the universe, or a logical explanation? Maxximillian: The magic of the universe is a logical explanation.   Eric Schwartz (@ericschwartz) is a quadruple-threat entertainer with multiple albums of original comedic anthems, dozens of videos that you’ll want to watch again and again, a one-hour special that might make you pee your pants, and a live standup show worthy of Carnegie Hall. He writes sketches. He writes comedy. He writes music. He performs live. He’s on tour constantly. But I caught up with him for an hour and we chopped it up into bite sized pieces. I met Eric for the first time 5 years ago Continue reading

Your Key to Unlocking the Shackles of Self-Sabotage and Staying Suckah-Free

Never be late again! Jayme Beddingfield and I have great conversations, in addition to being a talented author and a brave soul, she’s my Aquarius birthday sister. We reveal our old-habits of self-sabotage and I share my tried and true method to divest ourselves of investments of self that yield negative returns. 

The Importance of Kindness, the Magic of Dreams & Diffusing Control Issues

Details on 30 ✦ From Jayme’s Blog Maxximillian Dafoe is on the show! She is the author of Mollyville, and host of Afterlife Modern Radio Drama, and Maxximillian Presents: THEMATIC podcasts. Maxximillian and Jayme get into dealing with the general public, the importance and impact of kindness, dreams, control issues, and so much more!     Tap the image above to download/listen or …

Seemingly Whimsical Writing Prompts May Lead You To Your Next Best-Seller

Write a story told from the POV of a character directly involved in the action. Now tell a story about the same event from the POV of another character that is either directly or indirectly involved. Finally, retell the story from the POV of a character that is not mentioned in either of the two previous stories but was somehow involved.

Phenibut—the mood-enhancing nootropic smart-drug (that I finally gave a try)

I got myself some smart drugs made especially with care for my brain—and I feel like I won something.