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Maxximillian Dafoe on Educated Hustle Business Podcast

When Emilio and Paul asked me if I wanted to be a guest on the Educated Hustle podcast I was honored because I’d listened to the podcast before and found their guests unique. I remember the first episode I listened to, a guest on the show was talking about how to generate new ideas.

image: the woman herself, writer, author, actress-director, performer Maxximillian Dafoe

How to Interview People — Tips and Best Practices

When I was in middle school, my mother, then a reporter for the #1 country music terrestrial radio station, got me into an advanced production program for budding television producers. I looked a lot older than my years at that age so even though I was by far the youngest in a group of about 12 people from 14-24 years old, I fit right in and was given the same challenges as the others in the group. I was in the program to learn three roles: interviewer, director-producer and camera operator. We (as interviewers) were given some basic guidelines on interview technique (but not content) then instructed to come up with […]

Methods to Prevent Overload // How to recognize and Solve Problems in Your Fiction Stories

1 Maxximillian Presents: THEMATIC Episode 2—Writing Better, Getting Paid: A Conversation with Genre Fic Icon Alasdair Stuart My guest in this episode is the owner of the most prolific genre fiction empire, friend to writers of all ilks, game author, frequent contributor to, and fiction writer Alasdair Stuart.   “If you don’t do it, it won’t happen; if you do it, it might.” — Alasdair Stuart  When people ask what inspired me to write within my answer is often the name Alasdair Stuart. He’s the owner of Escape Artists Incorporated; host of Pseudopod the weekly horror fiction podcast that’s been providing chills and thrills to listeners for over 10 years. […]

Best Writing Apps in 2017

Slugline, Amazon Storywriter, Bear Writer, Evernote, and must-have Google Docs extensions for creative writing—Apps I Adore                                           Screenwriters and writers of all kinds may especially appreciate this ADPP (Audio Drama Production Podcast) episode of me and a few other writers getting nerdy about the software we use to create our creations. That’s right. We tell it all.


Join me and my pal Zach Valenti for #selfcaresunday! Discussed in this live stream: Helpful habits for tuning in to our own intuition Effortless meditations that are easy to do—even when it isn’t quiet Why it’s important to follow your natural preferences How The Universe delivers our good fortune And, of course, more!