image: illustration of a man talking to a cab driver who is ostensibly seated inside his taxi

The 7 Sentence Profile: Jaguavado Jinturkar, New York City Taxi Driver

Jaguavado Jinturkar,
New York City Taxi Driver

The 7 Sentence Profile: One of my 5-minute creative writing exercises

Jaguavado Jinturkar, New York Taxi driver. Uses his left foot and right foot to operate the brake and the gas pedals, respectively, when driving his taxi. He has lived in the United States for less than thirteen months and shops exclusively in Curry Hill, Manhattan. Jag maintains that he can stop smoking anytime he wants to. During the holiday season, Jag sold over two-hundred and thirty-thousand copies of his self-titled hip hop CD. He speaks with a thick East London accent. He has never been a doctor or an engineer.

Creative Writing Prompt: Think of a character you want to write about. Write down her name and her job, such as “Fiona Ferguson, Web designer.” In the next three sentences, describe her so that she fits commonly held beliefs or stereotypes about people who do this type of work. In the next three sentences, tell us something about your character that goes against the stereotypes.