image: ten and twenty dollar bills next to a handgun and a pile of cocaine and a loose bullet casually placed on a coffee table

A Life In 7 Lines: Jayson “Buster” Johnson, Drug Dealer

 Jayson “Buster” Johnson,
Drug Dealer

A life in 7 lines: creating complex characters with ease

Jayson “Buster” Johnson, Drug dealer. Doesn’t really consider himself ‘a dealer’ since he only sells to friends. Keeps a gun in the house but doesn’t keep it loaded. His motto: Credit? Forget it. For the last three years, he has served as an LAPD officer in the Rampart district. Jayson has been in therapy for agoraphobia since the age of twelve. He is fluent in Japanese.

Creative Writing Prompt: Think of a character you want to write about. Write down her name and her job, such as “Fiona Ferguson, Web designer.” In the next three sentences, describe her so that she fits commonly held beliefs or stereotypes about people who do this type of work. In the next three sentences, tell us something about your character that goes against the stereotypes.