image: 7 doors in a long wall; one painted yellow

Write an Alternate History of Your Life


Write an alternate story of your life, like an alternate history book, in which the author changes one key fact of history, then explores the possible changes that would occur as a result. Change one key fact of your life, one decision that you made, and explore how your life would be different. If you hadn’t committed to your mate, for example, or moved to a new city or passed up a certain opportunity, how would things change? You can do this in a serious way, striving for the most plausible possibilities, or you can go wild, concocting crazy scenarios.

Just to keep things from getting too heavy, I put a 500 word limit on the story. No story can be over 500 words. Not even by 1 word. It’s more fun that way. You’ll see. I’ll post the prompts, in the hopes that you will feel inspired to contribute.

A story can be 6 words, if you write it that way.