image: Daughter and the Snake book jacket—black background with half a woman's face, she seems to have been crying with her mascara running down her face like that, but she still looks like she can kick some ass

Daughter and the Snake (Bedtime Stories for the Intellectually Adventurous, Book 1)

In this short horror story, a daughter returns home to discover her mother has fallen prey to a dangerous predator she can’t prove exists. Morality becomes a thing of the past as she endeavors to get along with an entity that kills to stay alive. 

The first in a series of unforgettable short works, Daughter and the Snake looks at the nature of the human spirit to seek comfort—and where no comfort is possible, transformation.

A note from the author: The imagery used in Daughter and the Snake is powerful and may not be easily forgotten. This short story is meant to entertain without leaving readers traumatized (for an unreasonable length of time). Sensitive readers are advised to proceed thoughtfully.

Prefer audiobooks? The audiobook of Daughter and the Snake is narrated by world-class voice actor Dennis Kleinman. Here’s a sample…