Best Writing Apps in 2017

Slugline, Amazon Storywriter, Bear Writer, Evernote, and must-have Google Docs extensions for creative writing—Apps I Adore                                           Screenwriters and writers of all kinds may especially appreciate this ADPP (Audio Drama Production Podcast) episode of me and a few other writers getting nerdy about the software we use to create our creations. That’s right. We tell it all.

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Your Key to Unlocking the Shackles of Self-Sabotage and Staying Suckah-Free

Never be late again! Jayme Beddingfield and I have great conversations, in addition to being a talented author and a brave soul, she’s my Aquarius birthday sister. We reveal our old-habits of self-sabotage and I share my tried and true method to divest ourselves of investments of self that yield negative returns. 

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The Importance of Kindness, the Magic of Dreams & Diffusing Control Issues

Details on 30 ✦ From Jayme’s Blog Maxximillian Dafoe is on the show! She is the author of Mollyville, and host of Afterlife Modern Radio Drama, and Maxximillian Presents: THEMATIC podcasts. Maxximillian and Jayme get into dealing with the general public, the importance and impact of kindness, dreams, control issues, and so much more!     Tap the image above to download/listen or …

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Maxximillian Dafoe on Educated Hustle Business Podcast

When Emilio and Paul asked me if I wanted to be a guest on the Educated Hustle podcast I was honored because I’d listened to the podcast before and found their guests unique. I remember the first episode I listened to, a guest on the show was talking about how to generate new ideas.