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Don't steal my shit.

Hi, I’m Maxximillian. I created all the content you see here on this website. I wrote the things, recorded the things, produced the things and publish the things—and I want you to enjoy them.


If you’d like to share something, please use the super easy share features to share it via social media or private messaging app of your choice but please DON’T copy and paste, and please DON’T download my content (including but not limited to books, images, music, blog posts, poems, stories, articles, episodes, and guides) and then re-distribute it.


I know how it is when you find something that you want to give to everybody, and if you find something like that here that I’ve created, it means I’m doing my job! (HUZZAH!) BUT I must ask you to do me a favor and help me protect my copyright by respecting it yourself.


Here’s how…


If you have a website, blog or other online profile/presence and you want to share my content, don’t copy/paste/upload my content to your own site/another server then make it available from you to others—that would be redistribution, which would violate my copyright—instead, share what you liked about my content (article/blog/episode/book/guide/whatever) in your own words and include a link back to my original content. 


Here’s an example of how you could do it…


In this article I read on her blog, Maxximillian Dafoe says “I listen instead of taking notes. My full attention is upon the speaker, I find that I get better stories this way. I start recording, lay my phone down (or set up the mic) then completely ignore the recording device. If you use a voice recording app on your phone, it’s great because people are used to seeing phones lying around. Start it recording, turn off the screen display, lay it down and people will forget that it’s there recording everything. People have told me that they ‘forgot we were recording’ many times after an interview. (I have a shotgun mic by the way—but nobody ever “forgets” that we’re recording when I use this. Even though it’s the same equipment my journalistic spirit animal Alex Blumberg uses (and it makes me feel very professional), it’s impossible to forget that an interview is in progress when it’s in the room. Sometimes invisible equipment is the best; other times the guest wants to feel like they’re doing a ‘real’ interview. My general rule is: if it’s an intimate personal experience someone is sharing, invisible equipment is better. If it’s a story about a passion project or business related, the shotgun microphone is a favorite because it makes people feel ‘like an expert’.” (The original post is here)… and the rest of your blogpost.


Where my name appears should always be linked to my website homepage ( and the other link—the link that says “here” should be (you guessed it) the link to the content you refer to in your post, in this case:


You could also share a link directly to my content like this. Doing it this way is cool because if it’s just something you want people to listen to, they can stay on your website as they listen—and the download itself comes from me, which is totally fine. In this example, I’ve linked to the file by copying the URL to download the episode from the episode page by alternate clicking the “Download file” link beneath the episode player, then selecting “Copy Link Address”, and pasting that long crazy looking URL as the link.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate you looking out for me by helping me protect my copyright—and I mean that shit.


If you have some other way in mind that you’d like to share my content, or if you want to use a quote longer than the one I used above, send me a note to let me know what you have in mind and perhaps we can come up with something that works for both of us.


Just please. For the love of pumpkin spice. Don’t copy and paste or redistribute my content. That’s stealing. Actual stealing, because everything you see and hear here is my intellectual property and while it’s free for you to enjoy because I decided not to charge money for these pleasures, repurposing my content to generate value/make money for yourself is illegal—and it’s just not on (not cool, not the business, mean, unfair, rude, despicable, etcetera).


By the way, if you’d like to use an excerpt under 500 words or a quote of a similar length as in the example above, that’s fine. You don’t need any additional written permission (because I’m giving it to you now) — as long as you credit me: Maxximillian Dafoe with a link back to my website and the original content.


If you do this, drop me a line and let me know so we can connect—I’d like to know you!



Maxximillian Dafoe

Author, Screenwriter, Director, Actress, Poet, Musician, Artist, and Podcast Czar