image reads: Educated Hustle podcast

Maxximillian Dafoe on Educated Hustle Business Podcast

When Emilio and Paul asked me if I wanted to be a guest on the Educated Hustle podcast I was honored because I’d listened to the podcast before and found their guests unique. I remember the first episode I listened to, a guest on the show was talking about how to generate new ideas.

It was a brilliant approach. Greedily I listened to one episode after another. I subscribed and had listened to several more episodes by the time that the fellas reached out with their invitation, which I of course accepted.

It was an enlivening experience. Some of my favorite parts of our conversation didn’t make it into the show because it was our initial conversation—green room chat, connecting before the show, a very warm, welcoming experience.

And we had a great conversation on the air, once I got over the initial nervousness many people feel at the top of any public speaking or interview but the guys were patient with me and it was smooth sailing. They asked me questions no one asked before. Their questions gave me the opportunity to talk about issues that I hadn’t before, like my desire to upcycle defunct resort properties into nondenominational modern-day monasteries. That had never before come up in an interview, or any conversation. 

But now it will. I am still getting messages from listeners thanking me because during that interview, what we talked about — the ideas Paul and Emilio set me up to share — inspired our listeners. Few feelings are warmer or fuzzier than someone I didn’t know before telling me that something I said added something positive to their life.

Here’s the episode—give a listen.