GODINGER Crystal Curlique Decanter


Have you been telling yourself that you need to drink more water?

You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to do it when it’s within an arm’s reach away. One glass of water becomes three just because as soon as you empty your glass, you can refill it without much effort.

I keep a carafe on my writing desk and another on my bedside table. Wherever I am in the house, there’s a carafe or other within an arm-length.

I’ve always loved the way wine decanters look.  It dawned on me recently that I’d been passively collecting them. 

One day I pulled all of mine out and filled them with drinking water. They serve as reminders to drink water and they add a little extra joy to my days because they are beautiful. 

Decanters also make perfect gifts. Whether filled with water, spirits or wine, they are easy on the eyes to look upon and add quiet elegance to everyday.

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  • A BREATH OF FRESH AIR FOR YOUR EYES: Not only is this a beautiful glass display piece, it decants wine and allows it to breathe thanks to its design. Unlike other U shaped carafes, this curves back over for a unique stylistic twist.
  • UNIQUE SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: This beautiful wine decanter comes from the famed Godinger collection, and features a unique “twist” on wine serving. This attention grabbing carafe will be a conversation starter.
  • AERATES YOUR WINE: Our decanter is specially designed in a shape that introduces more oxygen to the wine, allowing the wine to open up and fully develop to its maximum potential. It holds 700ml, 16″ tall.
  • BUILT TO LAST: The narrow center of this carafe makes it easy to manipulate without dropping and the wide base helps it to rest sturdily on flat surfaces, making it less likely to slip and tumble.
  • Holds approximately 700 ml