RIEDEL Eve Decanter

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I absolutely love the serpentine shapes of Riedel’s line of decanters styled after sssssssssssnakes.

Filled with water or wine, this decanter is sure to be both a perfect vessel and a perfectly beautiful reminder to stay hydrated.

Keeping water and a glass within an arm’s reach is the best way to achieve your hydration goals. I’ve used post-it notes, alarms, and even apps to remind me to drink water several times a day but the most effective assistant has been my incorporation of water-filled wine decanters to each room in my house.

Try it. It works!

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  • Dramatic mouth-blown wine decanter in the shape of an upright cobra
  • Made in austria 
  • Included dvd reveals how to pour wine from the tail pour-spout
  • Rinse in hot water
  • Holds 48-1/4 ounces and stands 19-7/8 inches high

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