RIEDEL Evechen Carafe

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It’s not your imagination. This sensual carafe is intentionally shaped like a serpent. This eclectic work of functional art is one in a series of hauntingly beautiful creature-shaped decanters from Riedel.

Perfect as a gift to yourself (or someone else, I suppose).

Excellent for a fancy water carafe when you’re not drinking wine out of it. Life is too short to have fancy things in the cupboards. Put them on your table. Use them every day.

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  • Hand-made crystal decanter with dual chamber function, ensuring that the wine is perfectly aerated and served in the right quantity
  • With its striking form, the “Evechen” carafe is reminiscent of a snake
  • Rotated once on its own axis, the wine flows through the first chamber, undergoing optimum aeration before the ideal quantity reaches the second chamber.
  • Decanter height is 13 1/2 inches with a capacity of 45 3/8 ounces
  • Hand washing recommended.

BN: This is slightly different than the Riedel Eve Decanter. (The most notable difference is the tail.)

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