Zalik Decanter


Ready to upgrade from that giant plastic water bottle you’ve been reusing?

The fact that it has such a high capacity (more than 1.5L — that’s like 2 bottles of wine!) makes this wine decanter a perfect choice to serve double-duty as a water carafe.



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  • Superior Quality
  • Lead-Free Crystal
  • Hand Made 
  • Carafe Holds 1.5L


  • SUPERIOR WINE SIPPING EXPERIENCE: Upgrade the taste of your favorite wine by letting it breathe.
  • UNRIVALED CRYSTAL QUALITY: HAND MADE from 100% LEAD-FREE crystal, this liquor decanter will add a touch of luxury to your daily or special wine sipping!
  • EASY, EFFICIENT POURING: With the THIN NECK and the SLANTED SPOUT this high-end decanter will pour its content smoothly, saving you the mess of SPILLAGE or DRIPPING.
  • STUNNING TO BEHOLD: Make your guests’ heads turn to the unique SLEEK, CURVY design of a deluxe decanter! EYE-CATCHING and ELEGANT, it will upgrade your table decor!
  • GENEROUS CAPACITY: Holds more than 2 standard 750 ml bottles of wine.