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Biography, photographs, personal details, interviews, my life lessons, embarrassing stories and more—the straight dope live and direct from the hen's beak.



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Personal interviews on terrestrial radio, talk show podcasts, and editorial features… 


Everything Mollyville — Dystopian Fantasy for Your Inner Expat
Embrace your inner expatriate and come away to this new wild west where we live free in our off-grid paradise commune. No rules. Plenty of consequences.
Mollyville is my dystopian domestic suspense series. The first book in the series, Mollyville: Humble Beginnings, is out now.
If you'd like to hear me narrating Mollyville — doing all the voices — give my Mollyville Modern Radio Drama a try.

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Everything to do with the subject and the story of Afterlife.

 It's a book, and a podcast (and a lifestyle—seriously, think about it!). For audiobook lovers, an audiobook narrated by an award-winning voice actor (to be announced!) is coming soon. Should I let you know when it's released? Subscribe to my blog and you'll be the first to know!



Jimmy Jennings, has awoken from a coma, dead in Los Angeles. Across town, Karen, a young woman who has (finally, after years of doggedly pursuing her dreams) become a celebrity, struggles to shake off a toxic old friend who just won’t let go. Come and experience a day in the life... Afterlife.




Episode extras, videos, further reading and more to satiate your deepening interests as we go along are all available here.
An edutainment podcast featuring uplifting conversations and inspiring themes woven together with eclectic, delightful music to tickle your pleasure center as you let the conversation sink in. 
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